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Vendor Channel Readiness Assessment

In order to facilitate greater success in the market, technology vendors utilize a channel of solution providers, managed service providers and other partners to accelerate market share growth and territory expansion, reduce go-to-market and route-to-market costs, and address critical gaps, including technical expertise and access to target customers.

CompTIA’s Channel Development Advisory Council developed this Channel Readiness Assessment tool to help determine a vendor’s preparedness and ability to initiate and implement a channel strategy. This tool is designed for all types of tech vendors, from those thinking about a channel strategy for the first time to well-engaged companies looking to identify areas of improvement.

Readiness scores are calculated in five key categories: strategic planning, strategic alignment, finance, enablement, and operations.

NOTE: The Channel Readiness Assessment consists of 41 questions and should take 15 to 20 minutes to complete. You may save your progress and return to it later.

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